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A delegation from the recently created South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF) met with the SAMA EXCO on Thursday 26th February to discuss the reasons why the specialists made the decision to create the SAPPF and to find a way forward

The SAPPF and SAMA identified several areas of concern and it was agreed that proposals emanating from the meeting would be presented to the SAMA Board meeting the following day.

On Friday the SAMA Board agreed with the proposal to establish a small task team to meet urgently to propose possible solutions to the issues raised, and a future dispensation between the parties.

There was general consensus between the parties on the need to protect the hard won unity of the profession over the past decade, and the meeting ended with delegates confident that a solution could be found, that would enable SAMA to accommodate the SAPPF within the association as an independent business unit.

A further request of the SAPPF that SAMA join the specialists as signatories to the pending Founding Affidavit about to be served on the Department of Health by the specialist groups, had not been resolved at the time of this press release.

Dr Denise White: SAMA Acting Chair 0213701111
Dr Chris Archer: SAPPF CEO 0114841262