Health Management

SAPPF and the FCPSA alliance with HealthMan has been very productive and has also been very beneficial as expertise is needed regarding cost studies, medical scheme matters, matters pertaining to legal issues, communication and information regarding NHI and coding structures.

HealthMan are the lead consultants in the RPL process, various legal challenges and practice support services. They have been consultants to various specialist groups since 1997.

The annual cost study cost is included in the composite fee as we have to present annual cost studies in terms of the National Health Act.

As we move towards the introduction of the NHI, we would need input from actuarial firms and financial consultants to advise on alternative reimbursement models and costs of practice. We expect to be involved in several legal battles as this seems the only way to deal with the DoH and others in government, although we are trying to avoid this at all costs by widely negotiating and discussing issues.