The Faculty of Consulting Physicians of South Africa is a public company 100% owned and managed by various specialists (Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Physicians, Pulmonologists and Rheumatologists) for the benefit of our various specialities. The website address is 

The Faculty of Consulting Physicians is not in competition with the other societies but works with them on matters related to our various specialities in private practice. Most of the other professional societies including the surgeons, the ophthalmologists, the gynaecologists, the paediatricians and others have similar arrangements. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians was established in 2007 and has been functional to the benefit of our various specialists for a number of years.  

The Faculty of Consulting Physicians needs to be strengthened to deal with the ever increasing demand placed on societies by government regarding the role of private practice in South Africa, the role of private practice in the proposed National Health System, the shortage of doctors, the salaries of specialists in the private sector, the role of medical schemes, and other important matters such as regulatory reforms.

The immediate projects of the Faculty of Consulting Physicians will focus on:

  1. Strengthening the organisation, representative of our specialities in private practice and also representing our specialists in the Public Sector with Limited Private Practice.
  2. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians together with the South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF) and other specialist management companies will continue the RPL battle and establishment of a cost based RPL. They will also engage with the HPCSA to publish a scientifically researched “ethical” or “guideline” tariff.
  3. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians together with SAPPF and other management companies will oppose the Board of Healthcare Funders attempt to reduce the value of PMB’s to a scheme rate and not the doctor’s invoice value.
  4. The Faculty of Consulting Physicians will continue to work closely with medical schemes on all matters pertaining to our specialities.
  5. Improving communications and website offerings dealing with private practice issues through the website.
  6. Establishing a range of practice advisory services through the offices of HealthMan
  7. Medical Malpractice Insurance through negotiations with HealthMan. An immediate saving of approximately 20% per annum on MPS tariffs. Enquire by e-mailing Casper Venter at Insurance placed through Aon South Africa.
  8. Commercial offerings such as credit card terminals, asset finance, PPS reviews and a mobile App through the assistance of HealthMan and the Faculty of Consulting Physicians website.
  9. The consolidation of claims data to negotiate coding and tariffs with Medical Schemes and Department of Health.
  10. Discussing and negotiating Benefit Design with the various medical schemes and managed care organisations, this function to be co-ordinated by a Board Member.
  11. Review and update of the coding system for incorporation into a new coding system for South Africa. This project will be done in conjunction with SACHI (South African Classification of Healthcare Interventions), SAPPF and SAMA (South African Medical Association).

 The following value add services are available at no additional costs, unless otherwise stated:

  • Participation in the Discovery Physician Project regarding Hospital Discharge Management and Casualty Evaluation coding.
  • Access to fully sponsored academic weekends.
  • Discounted registration fees for FCPSA congresses.
  • HealthMan has an agreement with ABSA bank for a reduced rate on credit card terminals in the practice.
  • Support from FCPSA and HealthMan with forensic reviews and medical schemes.
  • PSG Northcliff, a preferred provider of the HealthMan Group, will review and advise on employee benefits, personal investments, life and key man policies and wealth preservation.
  • PPS reviews and analysis by a PSG consultant. Note that changes to PPS structures, requires that your portfolios be reviewed.
  • Online access to obtain CPD points, as well as online access to view your CPD points
  • Practice advisory services to assist with medical schemes problems, ie, non-payment, reversals, PMB’s etc., through the HealthMan office.
  • Helpdesk to assist with general medical schemes queries
  • Helpdesk assist with Consumer Protection Act complaints and queries –
  • Online access to various medical journals (Subject to availability)
  • Various consulting services through HealthMan
The Faculty of Consulting Physicians business model:
  • The Faculty of Consulting Physicians employs the services from HealthMan (Pty) Ltd on a contractual basis to advise on and manage all routine operational tasks, as well as providing the Faculty of Consulting Physicians with additional services where required.

  • The Board of Directors comprise of practising specialists that have been nominated and duly elected.

  • Communication is via email, fax, SMS and the FCPSA website. Members receive the SAPPF Newsletter and the Private Practice Review updating them on industry and practice news.

  • Member meetings will happen on request from the various regions at which matters of importance to private practice will be discussed. There are usually journal club meetings sponsored by the Trade Industry.

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